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Early Student Pick-up

If you're picking up your child early from school, the only valid excuses are if your child has a medical or dental appointment. You must bring a note from the Doctor's Office the following school day.

HUSD: 2021-22 District Safety Plan

HUSD Child Welfare and Attendance Department

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Ashiyana Riaz

Attendance Clerk | Secretaria de asistencia
(510) 723-3885 x 27111 |

If your child is absent call the school office before 9:00 am.

Si su hijo está ausente llame a la oficina de la escuela antes de las 9:00 am.

You must provide:

  • Child's full name (and spelling)

  • Date(s) of absence

  • Reason for absence

  • Caller's Name and relationship to student

  • Phone number where you can be reached

Debe proporcionar:

  • Nombre completo del niño (y ortografía)

  • Fecha(s) de la ausencia

  • Motivo de la ausencia

  • Nombre de la persona que llama y relación con el estudiante

  • Número de teléfono donde se le puede localizar

Attendance Policy 

Please check out this Video to see the importance of having a good attendance.

Attending school every day is crucial for a student’s intellectual and social development.  All students should bring a note the day they return to school explaining why they were absent.  The note should include the current date, student’s name, and exact days he/she was absent.  The note should also be signed by the parent/guardian listed on the emergency card.  A phone call by the parent/guardian listed on the emergency card is another way in which an absence be excused.  If there is no attempt by the parent/guardian to clear an absence, a phone call will be made to the student’s home by the attendance clerk.  Excessive absences, either excused or unexcused, may result in referral to the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.

Students who are tardy to class interrupt the teacher’s instructional plan and the learning process for all students.  Students are expected to be at their classroom number and prepared for instruction when the bell rings.  Those who are not will be marked tardy.

In order to benefit fully from the instructional program, students must be on time every day.  Unfortunately, there are times when being tardy is unavoidable. The only valid excuses for absences from school are defined by state law as:

  • Illness or quarantine.
  • Medical, dental, or optometry appointments (all appointments should be made after school hours).
  • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family.
  • Court appearances.

All other absences are unexcused

Clearing Absences

A parent or guardian must clear all absences with a note or a telephone call to the attendance office.

Students who are successful in school are usually those who have good attendance and arrive at school on time. If students are to get the most from their education, they need to attend school 100% of the time.

Tardy Procedures

Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Students who are tardy to class interrupt the teacher’s instructional program and the learning process for all students in the class.  Be on time.  All students are expected to line up immediately at the sound of the first bell ready to be escorted to class by their teacher.  Tardies are excused for medical purposes only.  A note from Doctor's Office must be brought to school for an excuse to be considered.  Students with unexcused tardies will be expected to make up the missed class time at recess.   Students who are repeatedly absent or tardy to school will be referred to the school district’s Child Welfare and Attendance office.

  • UNEXCUSED TARDIES:  We cannot excuse tardies for oversleeping, car troubles, bus delays, etc.

If a student is tardy or absent for any of the reasons listed above, the law requires that the school be notified with a note, a phone call, or a visit to the school office.  The information must be given to the attendance office.  The attendance clerk will mail a letter home after the third unexcused tardy.  If no attempt is made to resolve the tardy problem with the school and the child continues to be late, a referral will be sent to the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.  This action may result in a home visit by a district office official.


Truancy is a serious offense at Ruus and will be dealt with severely.  Parents may be fined and referred to the District Attorney for serious truancy offenses.